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The importance of Technology Integrators when Renovating a Pharmaceutical Office

December 5, 2023

Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies are some of the various healthcare facilities that require the utmost latest and greatest technology advancements for medical research and discoveries, so why not enrich the office space and meeting rooms with the best technology around to ensure efficiency as well?

Pharmaceutical companies today utilize technology in their office setting of course, but are they utilizing the technology to its fullest potential? Companies constantly have an influx of colleagues, investors, clients, doctors, etc. spending a varying amount of time in the facility and you simply want them leaving feeling impressed! How can all of this work be done? With the use of a technology integration company. For successful results, it would be beneficial to hire a firm that is known for extensive technology integration work that will aid in a more valuable experience for all who come pay the office a visit.

In today’s technological era, it is imperative that facilities are taking advantage of the advancements as they plan to renovate their office space. Integration companies typically specialize in pre-clinical and commercial-stage biopharmaceutical companies where they have ability assess the needs of the client and provide technology solutions that will aid in the evolvement and growth of the company. 

So how does this work? 

Technology integrators have a variety of facility technology which can be implemented in a multitude of ways including the transformation of a simple conference room. They can upgrade an existing mundane space by installing conferencing technologies that integrate with the entire facility outside the conference room walls. By integrating technologies in the conference room that connect with the overall technology throughout the facility, the building becomes more efficient. 

What systems are implemented specifically for biopharmaceutical companies?

Integration firms can provide biopharmaceutical companies with infrastructure data cabling services, secure site access control, video surveillance, lab equipment and device monitoring, advance multipurpose rooms, board rooms, executive briefing centers, artistic digital signage, room scheduling and sound masking. With the implementation of the latest technology, life at the facility simply just gets easier and safer. Once the technology is installed there of course will be an adjustment period where all employees will have to be educated on how to use the technology, and the installers can also assist with that process. Integrators have the ability to help manage the supporting IT footprint to help with compliance, security, and backup/recovery etc.

The goal is to right-size the technology, value engineer where appropriate and hide most of the intricacies of using, managing and deploying it from the average user. Companies want to ensure they’re maximizing productivity for our clients while minimizing associated risk of deploying technologies that keep businesses running.

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