Team Cateogries: Owner

Mike Clery

Chief Technology Officer Michael Clery III joined the Inspired Technology team in 2018. His primary responsibility is to ensure that the best and most efficient products are being used for each project to operate dependably for clients. Clery is charged with elevating Inspired’s standing as an industry leader; introducing, educating and training the installation team […]

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Bob Rothwell

Bob Rothwell is a media relations and operations management veteran with more than 12 years of experience. Prior to joining his brothers in the family business in 2003, he worked in college athletics traveling with teams and handling all media liaison responsibilities. In his first position as Service Manager, Bob was responsible for the scheduling […]

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Brian Rothwell

Brian Rothwell is the co-founder of Inspired Technology and a proven leader in technology design and programming. Like his brother Stephen, Brian was greatly involved in the family business, helping his dad in the office and spending time at the shop bench observing and learning. In his first role at Inspired Technology, Brian was as […]

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Stephen Rothwell

Stephen Rothwell is the co-founder of Inspired Technology. He has exceptional experience in business management and Computer Information Systems with a track record of success leading the business. Stephen was always involved in his family business. As a child, he would spend time at the office with his dad, playing with circuit boards and solder […]

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