Team Cateogries: Employee

Ray Domaingue

Raymond has a strong background in the electronic security field, with almost 9 years of experience as an apprentice turned field technician. During this time, he gained valuable hands-on experience and developed a deep understanding of the industry. After his time as a field technician, Raymond joined a global systems-based integrator where he worked for […]

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Bob Sutula

Bob Sutula is the VP of Engineering at Inspired Technology & Communications. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and worked in the electronics industry for two years before returning to school for two more years at the University of Miami to work toward a master’s in […]

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Chad Harden

Chad Harden is the VP of Residential Systems at Inspired Technology. Chad brings a rich background in the world of residential technology and a deep commitment to delivering innovative solutions that transform homes into cutting-edge living spaces. With an electrical and technological educational background from Tampa Bay Tech, he embarked on his career as an […]

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