AV Integrations

Impress clients and educate staff with complete audio and video upgrades to your conference room. Make your meetings more impactful by integrating fully automated AV, shade and lighting controls and environmental settings that can be customized for your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art technology gives you a reason to collaborate and share ideas with those that matter most.

Conference Rooms

Exchanging ideas and collaborating with people face-to-face is a vital piece of achieving the impossible. Don’t just send a text, bring everybody to the table. Conference rooms work as mission launch-pads that create a connected culture for your organization.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle Rooms graphic

Huddle rooms empower employees by providing a setting where they can visualize, plan, and execute the task at hand. They’re the perfect solution for any business that wants to quickly boost productivity.

Welcome Centers

Make communicating a cinch with employees, staff, students, customers, and visitors.  Welcome centers simplify the exchange of information for those who need it most.

Inspired Tip: Feature a touchscreen panel paired with dynamic content to increase engagement with your brand and messaging. The more senses engaged with, the more memorable the experience will be.

Training Spaces

Training Spaces graphic

Learning is not all about what knowledge is being conveyed, but how it’s presented. Create an environment where you help people retain as much information as possible with professional audio and video support.

Inspired Tip: Empower your Employees with Catchbox - The Engagement Microphone

Create a culture of discussion - unleash your employees’ potential by overcoming inertia. From all-hands to onboarding - Catchbox breaks down barriers to participation and helps companies create an environment where ideas can thrive.

Common Areas

Make the best first-impression possible by utilizing forward-thinking AV solutions that reflect your company’s branding, solutions, history and culture.

Digital Signage

Video Walls- Change your atmosphere into an immersive visual experience with a video display that enhances the face of public space. From informational messaging, advertisements, graphic displays, and much more - video walls can be customized to showcase your vision. Watch a time-lapse of one of our latest video walls here.

Mosaics- One of the most dynamic ways to redefine interior spaces. Mosaics deliver art and information simultaneously using video and graphic technology.

Large Format Displays (LFDs)- The wow factor LFDs promote is top-notch. These dominate any space they’re in by delivering a bold message to your audience.

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