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Inspire Your Employees with Boardroom Technology Enhancements

December 5, 2023

The boardroom. It doesn’t have to be a place of intimidation, where only serious business matters are discussed, and home to impromptu “can you come in here for a minute?” meetings that can induce panic and anxiety for unexpecting employees.

Companies these days are utilizing the boardroom as a place for tech savvy, visually stunning meeting places for teams, while installing state-of-the-art A/V components that are engaging, interactive and proven to increase productivity, creativity and team camaraderie. 

Where does Inspired fit into this equation? We pride ourselves in taking these cold, stale, mundane boardrooms and converting them into rooms you’d like to spend the better part of the day in by seamlessly integrating the various systems of an automated conference room from projectors to lighting to video and audio conferencing to overall control of the entire integrated system. Two of the very best at making the products that provide these atmospheres are CISCO and Crestron. Cisco’s products are designed for intuitive collaboration and simplifies the overall user experience for Webex Meetings and video, including TelePresence and is the industry standard for unified communications such as voice, video and Webex teams. Crestron, and its one-touch automation system, is smart technology designed not to waste any time while you’re in the boardroom. Turning on the lights, drawing the shades, adjusting the temperature and powering up TVs and other A/V can be carried out as you enter the room.

So, the next time your boss says you’re meeting in the boardroom, look at it as a positive and a nice break from the monotony of sitting at your desk, as long as the boardroom has been outfitted the latest and greatest tech/A/V options, and a team like Inspired were the ones to install it.

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