14 Things Smart Homeowners Do Before Going on Vacation
September 8, 2019

14 Things Smart Homeowners Do Before Going on Vacation graphic

From burglars to water damage, ensure you return to a safe and secure property by taking care of these few important things. Lock it up. While this may sound like the world’s most obvious advice, homes have many entry points and it’s easy to forget to lock one up behind you. A spokesperson for Neighborly, a home services platform that connects homeowners with trusted professionals, says that July and August are the most frequent months for break-ins—and about 30 percent of home burglaries happen due to an unlocked window or door. The morning of your trip, go door to door and window to window to ensure all doors, windows, and basement access points are secured. Of course, deadbolts only protect you when they’ve been installed correctly, so don’t miss these 21 secrets your locksmith won’t tell you.

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