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Access Control, Audio-Video, Board Rooms, Common Spaces, Conference Room, Event Spaces, Executive Offices, Huddle Rooms, Security, Structured Cabling, Training Rooms, Unified Communications, Video Walls


Inspired Technology worked with the Senior Vice President of IT and Facilities at this life science company as well as the constructions teams to transform the new space chosen for the location of the corporate headquarters. Inspired was brought on prior to construction in order to be involved in the overall design of the project.

The space itself had a couple of obstacles such as how the ceiling was constructed - an open construction concept and making sure the ambient light let in by the large glass windows on the front side of the building did not obstruct their views.

Our client needed a space where they could:

  • Grow with Scalable Solutions
  • Foster Innovation
  • Attract Top Talent
  • Be Inspired by their Surroundings
  • Create and Collaborate

Inspired supplied an audio-video solution for not only conference rooms, but for offices, huddle spaces, common areas, all-hands meeting spaces as well as security and surveillance throughout the facility.

Inspired provided a seamless solution for a common user interface that was easy to use room to room and provided a smooth reliable employee experience.

The customer wanted employees to have access to cutting-edge technology and features in their offices and have the ability to transfer that technology to the huddle and conference space. Users were trained and now can simply use the same technology as they do in their office in the conference rooms and huddle spaces. There is no learning curve or new technology as they move from room to room.

Each room has both wireless and wired presentation options as well as audio and video conference capabilities. The all-hands space features an enormous video wall that provides AV for two floors and when unused, it provides a matrix of corporate communication and general current information such as weather, traffic, and news updates.

Watch the time-lapse video of the build-out of the video wall here.

The scope of work included: Structured Cabling, Tel/Data, AV, Access Control, Security, Sound Masking, and Metro Cell Signal Repeater work.


  •  All offices received a 55” Samsung Frame TV along with a Crestron Air Media player which enabled wireless presentations. In addition, Inspired used Appspace digital signage software to configure customization on AirMedia. Huddle IQ cameras were installed and connected to workstations for video conferencing and each office also received a TiVo mini, for cable TV capabilities.
    • 55” Samsung Frame TV
    • Chief PAC527FCW for Samsung OneConnect box
    • Crestron AM-200 (running Appspace)
    • Crestron USB Extender
    • TiVo Mini
    • Huddle IQ Camera


  • All huddle spaces received a 65” Sony Display and a Crestron AirMedia player which allowed wireless presentations. Appspace digital signage software was configured to all huddle rooms for customization on Air Media. In addition, a Crestron Cam soundbar was installed for video conferencing. Each space also received a TiVo mini for cable TV capabilities. Inspired installed a Crestron CEN-GWEXER, which transmits a wireless signal to the Crestron touch screen. A Steelcase room scheduler was installed to enable virtual scheduling from anywhere.

    • 65” Sony TV
    • Crestron AM-200 (running Appspace)
    • TiVo Mini
    • Crestron UC-SB1-CAM UC Soundbar
    • Crestron CEN-GWEXER
    • Crestron TST-902 w/ TST-902-DSW
    • Steelcase Room Scheduler


  • All conference rooms received an 85” Sony Display and Crestron DMPS control system. Clock Audio tabletop microphones were integrated with Crestron DSP and amplifiers. All conference rooms were configured with Vaddio USB Video Conference cameras. A Crestron TSW touch screen controller was installed and customized to allow for a user-friendly, single-button press application. An IP controllable Wattbox PDU was installed in all rooms in order to be remotely managed and power conditioned. A Steelcase room scheduler was installed to enable virtual scheduling from anywhere.
    • 85” Sony Display
    • Crestron DMPS3-4K-250-C w/ AirMedia
    • TiVo
    • Crestron DM-TX-4K-202-C for Laptop at Table
    • Crestron DM-RMC-4KZ-100-C at Display
    • Clock Audio CS 2/3-RF Table Mics
    • Crestron TSW-1060 Touchscreen
    • Crestron DSP-1283
    • Crestron AMP-1200-70
    • Crestron SAROS IC8T Ceiling Speakers
    • Vaddio ConferenceShot 10 USB Camera
    • Wattbox Power Conditioner
    • Steelcase Room Scheduler


  • Inspired installed a custom-designed video wall that spans two floors. The video wall is equipped with 32 Clarity Matrix G3 46” LX Planar Systems video wall panels and uses a Bright Sign digital media player, as well as Crestron controls and a Crestron digital media system. The entire wall is 13.43 feet wide by 15.17 feet high. Components include AirMedia to allow for wireless presentation. Appspace digital signage software was configured to all for customization on AirMedia. For audio, JBL line array speakers with Crestron multichannel amplifiers were installed as well as Shure Microflex wireless microphones. Inspired utilized the Planar video wall processor in order to provide the customer with multiple input pre-set configurations and screen layouts.
    • Planar Video Wall:
      • (32) Clarity Matrix G3 46” LX Planar Systems Video Wall Panels
    • CP3 3-series processor
    • Crestron DM-MD8X8 switcher
    • TiVo (2)
    • Crestron AM-200 (running Appspace)
    • BrightSign Player (running Appspace)
    • Crestron DM-TX-4K-100-C-1G Laptop Input Plates (2)
    • Crestron HD-DA8-4KZ-E HDMI Distribution Amps (8)
    • Crestron DSP-1283
    • Shure MX412C Lectern Mic
    • Shure ULXD2/SM58 (4)
    • Shure ULXD1/WL93 (2)
    • Shure ULXD4Q (2)
    • Crestron CEN-SW-POE-5 Dante Switch
    • Crestron AMP-2800
    • JBL CBT 100LA-1 Loudspeakers (4)
    • Vaddio RoboShot 12E PTZ Camera
    • Vaddio RoboShot 30E PTZ Camera
    • Vaddio AV Bridge Mini


  • Sony TVs (4)
  • Planar Video Wall
  • Crestron DMPS3-4K-350-C w/AirMedia
  • Crestron AM-200 (4) (running Appspace)
  • TiVo (5)
  • Crestron DM-TX-4K-100-C-1G Laptop Input Plate
  • Crestron DM-RMC-4KZ-100-C (2) at displays
  • Crestron TSW-1060 Touchscreen
  • Crestron CEN-GWEXER
  • Crestron TST-902 w/ TST-902-DSW
  • Clock Audio C303W-D-P Dante Ceiling Mics
  • Ubiquity US-16-150W 16-port Dante Switch
  • Crestron DSP-1283
  • Crestron AMP-1200-70 (2)
  • Crestron SAROS IC8T Ceiling Speakers
  • Yamaha VXL-1B-8 Ceiling Speakers
  • Vaddio Conference Shot 10 USB Camera
  • Wattbox Power Conditioner

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