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Easton firm is wired (or not) for growth

December 5, 2023

The brothers Rothwell — Stoughton natives Stephen, Brian, and Robert — run Inspired Technology and Communications in Easton, which they created in 2009, The firm integrates technologies of all types for commercial and residential projects, including surveillance and security systems for businesses and combining entertainment, sound, lighting, and climate control in homes. We talked to Stephen Rothwell for this story.

Q. What’s hot in home technology?

A. People want to tie all their systems in and see what’s going on at home remotely. If they’re not home, they want to see what the temperature of their house is, or if a water sensor goes off signaling trouble, or a smoke or carbon dioxide detector — because, if something’s happening, they want to know right away. And security cameras are really becoming a common product.

Q. What else does the company do in homes?

A. Typically, we do audio-visual systems, home theaters, and security systems. People also want TVs mounted on walls and the cords hidden. We can integrate all sorts of technology systems and custom-build control into a single application and train consumers how to easily use it.

Q. Can it get pretty expensive?

A. We do jobs of all sizes, and one like mounting a TV on the wall and hiding the wires is around $300. In doing whole-house automation, it can run $100,000 to $300,000. But with any customer, we work at whatever level they’re comfortable with. They may want it all, but sometimes it’s easier to start with a smaller piece and leave room to plan for the future.

Q. What are some big jobs you’ve done?

A. We had one man with a 14,000-square-foot home we did systems in, a house with 34 televisions. We’ve also done quite a bit of work with Sarepta Therapeutics in Cambridge, a biotech firm, and we just did a massive warehouse expansion for Sid Wainer & Son in New Bedford. A job like that is great because we get in while it’s being built and can install things like card-access control systems and voice and data cable as the structure goes up.

Q. How has growth been?

A. It’s been good. For example, in 2015 we had 20 employees and $5.1 million in revenue. This year, we have 25 employees and estimate $6 million. Every year, we’ve had steady growth.

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